When is the Best Time to Sell a House?

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When is the Best Time to Sell a House?


Not everyone goes through the enjoyment of choosing when they can sell their home. There will always be a discussion of properties for sale throughout the year. But if you’re not in a rush and you can plan, what is the ideal time of year to sell?

Many real estate owners or real estate agents have revealed that the best time to sell a house is the second half of the year. But hang on, is it the traditional saying that properties are easier to sell in the glorious spring and summer sunshine? Sure, your home will look more beautiful when different flowers are blooming out, but the problem is you’ll face tough competition as a seller.

However, the property market does tend to be fixed for sellers in early January. Yes, buyers have made their New Years’ resolutions, but they’re busy doing their research. Also, every seller sells their property in January, often with impossible prices encouraged by agents. The end of January is a great time to buy, though, once sellers’ eagerness has lowered and the January sales are rolling in. Of course, selling in the second half of the year doesn’t guarantee anything, but if you’re looking towards the percentages, these months are as good as any of the others.

Different Properties Sell at Other Times

All properties are equal, but some are different in many forms than others. The best time of the year to sell a property or house depends on what type of property it is.

First-time buyers and young couples mostly start their house-hunting during the January sales, so take note if you’re selling a small flat or terraced house, you can decide to sell it in mid of January. If you’re selling a bungalow or retirement home, you can sell it in the summer season because older buyers are generally more active in the summer months. Finally, the large families search for a house after the summer vacations of school have started, so May and June are better months to sell out the big homes.

It Is Also Depends On Where You Live

Indeed, property selling also depends on the place where you live. Every business has its specialty and its season to sell its house. There isn’t much seasonal variation worldwide if you are guessing the best time to sell a home. But in terms of the number of days or regional differences, it takes to go under because there are strong regional differences worldwide. Like it’s not a good time to sell a house in London during the Halloween period, not a good time to sell during December due to the Christmas period, etc.

But There’s No Golden Rule

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