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Hear what our customers have to say about us

“Aref was a good guy to deal with, he showed up to his appointments on time,  we came up with a price we both agreed on.  He was very reasonable.  We both had a good experience.  Everything went real smooth and I was real happy with the way you handled things”

Lawrence B. Homeowner from Austin, TX

“I feel very fortunate that I called Aref at Fast Cash Home Buyers to buy my flooded home.  He is very professional, reasonable and easy to work with.  I believe I got a fair price for my house and I appreciate his help.”

Robyn P.

sell my ugly house in houston energy corridor

Concord Bridge Subdivision, Houston 77041. House had extensive flooding and Robyn wanted to sell her house and move on quickly into a rental unit and let someone else repair the house. Fast Cash Home Buyers worked with Robyn to find a good closing date where she could move in to her new place before closing title.

Jackie and Janice from Austin, TX Probate Sale.  Wanted to sell a house they inherited from their mom fast that needed extensive repairs.

“Me and Clark were recently married and purchased our first home. Unfortunately for us we had only owned the home 3 months when a hurricane hit our house. Aref at Fast Cash Home Buyers was able to find us a financial solution. With what Aref paid us for the house and what our insurance paid out we were more than satisfied with the outcome”

Maday and Clark in Kingwood, TX

buy my foreclosed house maday

Nathan A. from Kyle, TX.  Called 4 days before his house was going on the auction block.  Interior of his entire house had been destroyed by his wife during a contentious divorce when he was out of town working and he was unable to sell in that condition.  Fast Cash Home Buyers was able to make him an offer he liked, save his credit from having a foreclosure and he was able to walk away with $23,000 vs $0 if the bank foreclosed on him.

Chad needed a quick sale on his house and we were able to make an offer on it almost immediately after checking out the property. Chad had cash on hand in about a week after the deal was made and we were able to meet his timeline goals.