Sell your House Just in 30 days: We Buy hoarder houses in Austin, TX

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Sell your House Just in 30 days: We Buy hoarder houses in Austin, TX

Selling an hoarder house in Austin, TX in 30 days

Everyone loves watching home makeover shows like Trading Spaces or This Old House. There is just something so alluring about the transformation a house can go through. You share the amazement the owners feel during the big reveal.

But what if your house is in the pre-transformation stage and needs to be let go of? Do you have a relative that has been hoarding junk and finally realizes that they have a problem they can’t handle. “Sell my house fast for cash” seems like a fairy-tale scenario that should stay on the television. Whether it’s for a planned upgrade, a sudden relocation, a family emergency or simply a need for extra cash, selling a house should not be an impossible task.


Here are a few things that buyers usually look for in a hoarder house:

  • Are the building and roof structurally sound?
  • Does the house have a good natural light?
  • Is there any sign of termite activity?
  • Does the house have adequate power in terms of lighting, water pressure, power supply, heating systems, and air conditioning?
  • Do I have bags of trash heaped up in the house I can’t handle?
  • Do I have too many pets that are out of control?

Reading halfway through that list and you already feel worried? You might be thinking, “How will I sell my house fast for cash if there are many issues to address?” or what if you just don’t have the patience and funds for a home improvement episode, “Are there people or company who would say– We Buy hoarder houses in Austin, TX?”  We can help you handle any situation.  Leave all your bags of trash and just walk out we will still buy your house.

Having an outdated house, poor flooring, cracked walls, no air-conditioning, and mold/mildew issues are just some of the things that can categorize a house as “hoarder”.  If you have layers of trash piled up that can be excavated and then carbon dated to see what year the trash was deposited then you are probably living in a hoarder type situation.  You probably will not be able to sell your home on the open market.  You may need the assistance of a company like Fast Cash Home Buyers.  We understand that hoarding can be a challenging situation and we are here to help you move into a better position.  A hoarder house meaning that your house needs a makeover in order to become market ready to be sold at a good price.  With everything a hoarder has going on that prospect can be a daunting challenge. And when you are the owner of that kind of house, usually the first step is the most difficult.  Make that first step calling us at 512-943-2575  and we will handle the rest

We Buy Ugly house in Austin, TX

We Buy your old  not renovated with no updates house in Austin, TX

Sell My House Fast For Cash: The Makeover Process

The home improvements normally start with the interior. These can include:

  • Replacing the floors, carpet or tiles
  • Painting the walls and ceiling
  • Installing new fixtures
  • Repairing or replacing cabinetry, countertops, sinks, and faucets


By improving on these parts of your house, it will look more attractive to a buyer and you add more value to your property. You just might find the answer to your question “How do I sell my house fast for cash?” Keep in mind to focus on the repairs that buyers would want in order to avoid wasting money.


Sell My House Fast For Cash: The Expenses

It’s time to talk numbers. The average cost of renovating a house ranges from $25,000 to $45,000. This usually covers painting, new landscaping, and minor touch-ups. A kitchen and bathroom upgrade can add another $30,000. Structural replacements such as the roof costs around $7,500. Just with those areas, you are already at $82,500.

Another factor to consider is time. While flooring can take anywhere from 2 days to a few weeks to complete, other jobs such as kitchen renovations can take between 2-3 months.

The increase of makeover costs, time spent to complete the makeover and bills for holding the property can become overwhelming to someone trying to sell his house fast for cash.


We Buy in need of work houses in Austin, TX

If you do not have the time and money to sell your house through the traditional method mentioned above, then using a company that buys old houses is the solution for youIn “Fast Cash Home BuyersWe Buy your “in disrepair” house in Austin, TX and you can sell your house easily regardless of the condition of it


We Buy your house fast in Austin, TX, as-is, with cash in as little as 30 days!

No more looking for problems to address, no more calculating expenses, and no more waiting for the house to become market ready.


In just three easy steps, your hoarder house can be sold!

Call us at 512-943-2575 and get your cash offer today.

Or fill up the form below to submit your offer.



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