Selling a house in as-is condition in Houston, TX: Tips and Tricks

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Selling a house in as-is condition in Houston, TX: Tips and Tricks

Did you know that your house is your single largest asset? If you find yourself selling your house for many understandable reasons, it can be a source of fast cash once sold or great stress when it just doesn’t click in the market. The following are some tips and tricks on selling a house in as-is condition in Houston, TX.

Include the term “as-is” in your listing

Believe it or not, a lot of sellers actually forget to include these two words when selling a house in as-is condition in Houston, TX. Just by including the word “as-is” into your listing, you put up your chance in selling the house more quickly. Buyers already know that what they see is what they get. This usually leads to a lower sale price but this way, the buyer can start with the repairs themselves and make it according to their preferences.

Be prepared, to be honest

Selling as-is unfortunately does not give you a free pass from disclosing everything, existing problems, and probable future repairs, to your buyer. This method of selling a house may be the easiest course but it is the messiest one, so to speak. You have to disclose everything. All the questions the buyers ask must be answered. This obligation extends to your real estate agent as well, should you choose to get one.

Examples of issues that must be disclosed are cracks in the foundation, termite damage, mold, leaking and flooding, higher than normal radon levels, electrical or plumbing issues, and even noisy neighbors.

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Up your marketing game

Buyers knowing that you are selling your house in as-in condition in Houston, TX will automatically perceive your house negatively. They already know that there are many problems accompanying it. And they will bargain and make very small offers, even smaller than what your home is actually worth. You will have to make sure your marketing strategy, whether through your online listing or through your viewings, are top-notch. Be honest, but also focus on the positive things about your house.

Don’t forget to clean a bit

Mowing the lawn, trimming the garden, wiping the walls, clean and organize the house a bit, are some of the things you can easily do that could make a big difference. Selling a house in as-is condition in Houston, TX does not mean that you will sell it in the exact condition as when you’re occupying the house with dirty dishes and baby toys scattered around.

Remember that you are selling because of practical or financial reasons and not because of laziness and lack of pride in your home.

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The kitchen and bathrooms are the deal-breakers

Okay, let’s say you have a bit of extra cash to spend on minimal repairs. And you don’t want to settle for a price that will degrade the real value of your home. You can focus on repairs in the kitchen and bathrooms. These are usually the most important rooms in a house that buyers are keen to inspect. If they are in good condition without hanging cabinet doors that are broken or a leaking toilet, then the chances of your house getting sold drastically increases.

Talk to a home buying company

Did you know that there are people who are already in those selling a house in as-is condition in Houston, TX? Yes! Without even going through the tips and tricks mentioned above, we at Fast Cash Home Buyers, can buy your house in any condition it may be in at a fair price. It is our goal to make the process of buying and selling a house as easy and stress-free as possible.

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